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There is so much variety in fabric materials: cotton, linen, polyester, lycra, acrylic, rayon, vicose, and each is unique in how to work with it, and what it can be used for.

I think polyester amazes me the most in the variety of weights, textures, and uses it has.

  • Cotton Fabrics

    Cotton and cotton blends; easy to work with and cool to wear

    Cotton Fabrics 
  • Linen Fabric

    Made from flax fibres. Great to wear on hot Hawke's Bay days

    Linen Fabrics 
  • Rayon Fabric

    Rayon is a semi synthetic, man made fabric created from purified cellulose fibres usually from wood pulp

    Rayon Fabrics 
  • Viscose Fabrics

    A type of rayon with a silky feel

    Viscose Fabrics 
  • Polyester Fabrics

    Synthetic fabric but the most versatile in a wide range of textures and weights

    Polyester Fabrics 
  • Wool Fabrics

    There are some surprisingly light, soft fabrics made from wool

    Wool Fabrics