Making Fabrics

If it's on a roll and you use it for making, you'll find it here.

Homespun cotton, interfacing/vilene, calico, batting etc

  • Batting

    Adds the fluffiness to quilts, jackets, upholstery

  • Calico

    100% cotton, and so many uses

  • Interfacing/Vilene

    Gives stiffness to clothing collars, facings, bags, or use it for tracing patterns

  • Parka Nylon

    Shower proof, 100% polyester, perfect for a light jacket

    Parka Nylon 
  • Poplin

    Poly cotton, great for lining, crafting, cheap and lots of colours

  • Satin

    Satin looks classy, great for clothing, table cloths, lining, and a great price

  • Homespun Cotton

    100% cotton, great colours and versatile

    Homespun Cotton 
  • Crafting Fabrics - everything else

    All the other materials that don't fit in a category e.g. towelling, muslin, mutton cloth, mozzie netting etc

    Crafting Fabrics 
  • Needlework Fabrics

    Aida, Linens, canvas - everything you need for stitching

    Needlework Fabrics 
  • Gingham

    These are Poly Cotton Gingham. Classic fabric and cheap

  • Faux Fur

    I do love a good fur and these are lovely and soft

    Faux Fur 
  • Taffeta

    Super lightweight and makes a great lining

  • Tulle/Netting/Mesh

    Commonly used for bridal veils, tutus, fairy dresses