Tula Pink

I discovered Tula Pink shortly after we bought Curtis Fabrics.

Amazing bright colours, simple images and so much fun; all of them were designs like nothing I'd seen before on fabric.

Quilters and bag makers are obsessed with these fabrics and I want them for dressmaking. PS By Annie patterns are coming soon

'Roar' has just arrived and we're looking forward already to 'Tabby Road' due July

  • Roar

    Big, bright and Tula's usual big colours - ROAR!

  • Besties

    Just in time for Xmas making, your favourite pets on fabric

  • Nightshade - Deja Vu - just arrived

    A re-imagining of an old design - Halloween but not too Halloweeny

    Nightshade - Deja Vu Fabrics 
  • Everglow

    Be excited - Everglow is as fun and bright as we hoped.

    Everglow Fabrics 
  • Parisville (Deja Vu)

    Think Marie Antoinette glam in lolly and ice colours

    Parisville Fabrics 
  • Curiouser & Curiouser

    Alice in Wonderland story and characters reimagined

    Curiouser & Curiouser 
  • Daydreamer

    An escape from Lockdowns to far away places and colours

  • Tiny Beasts

    What small furry animals get up to in the backyards of North America when they're not observed

    Tiny Beasts 
  • Moon Garden

    Explores the colours and creatures of Dusk and Dawn

    Moon Garden