Vogue Patterns

I've always loved Vogue patterns especially the Designer styles in the front of the catelogues. In little ol' NZ, we could make designer clothes.

Yes, some techniques are a bit tricky and they are more expensive patterns but you'll create a unique fashion forward garment for that special occasion.

New patterns are released every season or about every three months - latest arrived January 2024/Northern Hemisphere Autum 2023.

NB - the pattern size pictured may not represent all sizes available

  • New Arrivals

    The most recent pattern releases from Vogue - January 2024

    New Releases 
  • Dresses

    Casual, Business, Evening Dresses

  • Designer

    All those special Designer patterns on one page

    Designer Patterns 
  • Tops

    Sleeves, sleeveless, long, and short tops

  • Bottoms

    Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Skorts; everything for your lower half

  • Jackets

    The perfect complement to your new outfit, a jacket to keep warm

  • Vogue Vintage

    Classic and timeless Vogue patterns

    Vintage Vogue 
  • Men's

    There aren't many patterns for men in Vogue but what they do have are classic

  • Very Easy Vogue

    Easier patterns to follow and quick to make

    Easy Vogue 
  • Accessories

    Shrugs, swimwear, ties, gloves etc