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Amor Eterno - Sugar Skulls Pink/Red

Price is per 10cm

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Order fabric

  • Minimum cut 0.3 metres/30cm and then 0.1 metre/10cm increments
  • Fabric will be cut as one continuous piece

Order Fat Quarter

  • Fat quarter fabric piece measures 50cm x approx. 56cm

Order Thread

  • Let us pick a matching thread for this fabric
  • Metrosene Universal Sewing Thread 150m

Background colour is either a very bright/pink red or a bright red/pink.

Fabrics for Halloween or Day of the Dead celebrations.  I only recently learnt that these are called Sugar Skulls.  Traditionally called Calavera, skulls are made from sugar paste or clay and decorated to represent a departed love one.  

Not a big NZ tradition, and the kiwi kids really don't understand the rules of Trick or Treat, but it is fun to go to a Halloween party and get dressed up

100% halloween, 100% cotton, 112cm wide