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Avalon Water soluble stabiliser film

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50cm wide

This is a light embossed plastic film backing/topping for stabilising knit/stretch fabrics, or very fine fabrics, prior to embroidery stitching in an embroidery machine or by hand. 

It is used in hoopless embroidery, on top of napped fabrics (e.g. towelling, velvet etc) to provide a 'flat' surface for stitching so stitches don't disappear into the pile or stitch directly on to it for lacework.

How to use

Frame the fabric and backing in the normal way. After sewing, tear away the film.

When you wash the garment in cold water, the film will dissolve. Avalon can also be removed by first tearing away and placing a moist piece of backing over the embroidery and lightly pressing with an iron. The Avalon will then stick to the backing and come away.