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Keep Believing Christmas Stocking - Big Kid Size

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I made a couple of these in a mad rush Xmas Eve 2021.  I lined them with a dark blue satin, wadding to make them feel luxurious and finished the top with a metallic bias tape.

We're big kids at heart and still wake up to a stocking every Christmas morning.  Ours are filled with a t-shirt, can of drink, chocolates and a book or magazine.  

Create your own family tradition with a stocking for everyone - it's a great way to get everyone to stay in bed a bit longer

An adult size stocking or an extra special child.  Will fit the biggest man sized gifts you can find :)

Panel measures 110cm long x 90cm

Printed stocking is approximately 80cm from top to bottom of the foot and 50cm wide and includes both sides of the stocking plus a printed strip of fabric for a hanger

100% cotton - check out the matching placements, coasters and fabric in this range of cute santa gnomes and animal friends